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Kyle Nachtigal


Originally from Springfield, Missouri, this talented guitarist, singer and songwriter has lived in Nashville, Tennessee, since 2009.  He studied at Belmont University in the Music City and dedicated himself to full-time music making in February of 2016 which got him out on the road.  In his travels he kicks it through Kentucky, meanders to Missouri, then heads back to Tennessee before wandering up to Illinois or down to Arkansas for a few gigs.  Yes, the guy stays busy playing his style of percussive, melodic rhythm guitar on a custom designed Craig Southern model backing up his smooth and appealing voice.  He works off a song list ranging from unique mashups to top shelf originals, plus all kinds of styles in between since he can “jump effortlessly between folk, rock, hip hop and jazz” without breaking a cool sweat.  He released the seven-track recording titled Fort Dakota in 2016 and continues on the solo music adventure as a contemporary troubadour out to make music for the people.  

                                                                                                                                       -Tom Irwin, IllinoisTimes, 10/26/17

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