Questions . . . Answers:

Q. Do you Serve Alcohol?

A. No. We are Brown Bag Approved which means BYOB (bring your own beverage.) Please note – absolutely no alcohol on any teen nights or nights that feature children. 

Q. Do you serve food?

A. Yes. Papas Tacos: Authentic, Southern California right off the grill tacos. All fresh ingredients and toppings. Food serve from 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM most shows. Show description will give you a heads up if Papa’s is serving that night. CASH ONLY!

Q. How does food service work?

A. Buy your ticket and we do the guess work. Remember: CASH at the table the night of the show. 

Q. Are there any restaurants close to the venue?

Yes! Cart Barn at 625 Jefferson St. (706) 884-3362 and,Coming in the fall of 2018, Beacon Brewing Co. 700 Lincoln St. Both right around the corner from Pure Life Studios.

Q. May I talk during the show?

A. Here is the fine line on talking. If you want to hoot and holler and it is appropriate go for it - if it is not appropriate someone will more than likely hush you. You may interact with the artist, clap to songs and some artists encourage singing along or will give you a part - you will know what to do, but we ask you do not engage in a full conversation with your neighbor while the artist is performing. It is just rude.

Q. Can I take pictures?

A. If you can take a picture without a flash and don't block anyone's view - yes. 

Q. How may I become a part of the Pure Life team?

A. Contact Maggie McDonald at for volunteer information. Area's of help:

host lodging for artists - front desk - after show clean up - outdoor set up in the warmer months - 

Q. Where do you get all the guitars?

A. Most are bought from ebay and are all broke in some way. We also accept old, useless guitars that are sitting around taking up space.    *NOTE They are truly useful to us! 

Q. How do I become a featured artist?

A. Visit our contact page and submit a form. Do not send a regular email - it will be get lost in the mix.

Q. How do I become a part of the teen program?

A. Email Maggie McDonald at and state you are a teen. Put "TEEN" in the subject line. 

Q. What is the Teen Writers Round?

A. Teen Writers Round is for teen singer/songwriters and their original works. Three seats on stage, Three writers, 6 songs each. 

Q. How do I get a performance slot for the Hillside Festival?

Q. Do you offer student discounts?

A. All students $5 with valid student ID. Offer is only good on the night of the show and is first come first serve. *NOTE: reservations are not accepted with this offer - Offer lasts while seating is available the night of the concert. CASH ONLY.

Q. Do you allow cover tunes?

A. No

Q. What do you promote?

A. Original music, artists, poetry, art and comedy. We promote community for like-minded people. 

Q. Do you give refunds or credit?

A. No. The money that comes in for a show goes to the artist you bought a ticket to see. This is how they make a living and we like to honor that the best way we can.

Q. Do I have to purchase tickets in advance?

A. It is highly recommended you purchase tickets in advance. It guarantees your seat.  

Q. Why does the cost of a ticket say one price then upon check out my total is another price?

A. To pay for service fees the venue is charged.

Q. Can I pay for a ticket at the door. 

A. Yes, however; we can not guarantee a seat if it is not paid for in advance. We accept CASH ONLY at the door. NO CREDIT CARDS.